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View of Invited Lectures

on  Ultra Low Temperatures
in Tumor Surgery [Oncological Surgery]
& Cryooncology

Korpan NN, Speaker, World Congress, Tokyo, Japan 2005

Korpan NN, Speaker, International Meeting, St Petersburg, Russia 2007

Korpan NN, Speaker, International Congress, Guangzhou, China 2012

Korpan NN, Speaker & TV Interview, International Meeting, Sydney, Australia 2008

Myself together with Professor James May, Associate Dean of Surgical Science, Department of Surgery, Royal Prince Hospital, Sydney Cancer Center, Sydney, Australia, 2008




Korpan NN, Moderator and Speaker, Shenzhen, China 2015

Korpan NN, Speaker & Moderator, Beijing 2016

Korpan NN, Speaker & Moderator, World Congress of ISC, Kaunas, Lithuania 2017


Korpan NN, Invited Speaker, 5th Sino-Asia Pacific Medical Forum, Manila, Philippines, March 2019


Lecture, 20th World Congress
Haifa, September 4-5, 2019